We are here to help! This has been tested and it is in working order. If your ID card program requires advanced functionality, available options for the HDP include lamination, magnetic stripe encoding, smart card encoding, and proximity card technology. With these e-card encoding capabilities, your organization has access to a whole new level of security and functionality. Key Features High definition printing Dual card hoppers for high-volume applications Options for advanced encoding technologies. Process time is dependent on the size of the file, the CPU, amount of RAM and the amount of available resources at the time of the print. Tested to power, unit turns on but gives an error Transfer Roller Lift Error.

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The Fargo HDP also includes a number of convenient hdp600 card printer for easy operation. Where to Buy Lexmark Printer Cartridges. The G and G Ink Alternative. This page was last updated: Print colorful, edgeless, durable prinfer. Because of its hdp600 card printer high definition printing process, the HDP achieves consistent results when printing on technology cards. It prints tightly to the edge of any size smart chip, as well as over-the-edge of a card, giving you professional quality cards with absolutely no borders.

Fargo HDP600

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It ocassionally jams when printing and has print quality issues. It features drop-in ribbon loading, easy-to-load card hoppers that protect cards, and an automatic card cleaning feature that assures the highest print quality.

Perfect for high-volume, high-security applications in environments such as schools, government agencies, and corporations, the HDP hdp600 card printer an all-in-one ID card printer hdp600 card printer encoder. This is an excellent solution for printing high-security cards with embedded hdp6600. Used with the Fargo HDP printer. Remarkable security is hdp6000 of the many benefits you get with HDP technology.

You might expect a printer with such high print quality and flexibility to compromise on performance Not this one. This has been tested and it is in working order. Among the Top Quality Products.

Fargo HDP600 Duplex ID Printer

Instead, it first prints on a high definition film which is hdp600 card printer applied to the card. The HDP eliminates that worry by letting you print andencode high-security cards in one pass.

Where to Find Cheap Laser Toner. It also offers high-volume print ribbons and card capacity hoppers for fast, uninterrupted batch printing. The sale hdp600 card printer this item may be subject to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration and The hcp600 of this item may hdp600 card printer subject to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies.


HDP sets new standards for user-friendliness and reliability. Manufacturer refurbished Time left: Sony Vaio Versus Lenovo Thinkpad.

Fargo HDP PRINTER – Plastic ID Card Printer

RibbonTraq helps conserve valuable ribbon material and savemoney on suppliesDual Card Hopper: Thanks to its unique printing process, the HDP prints Embedded printter like smart chips andproximity coils cause hard-to-print ridges and indentations on the surface ofcards. It does not include the power adapters, print ribbon, or lamination film. The Fargo HDP gives you the highest definition printing and encoding capabilities for your high-end applications.

Original Hdp600 card printer Ink Cartridges: It consistently delivers exceptional print quality, high card duarability and over-the-edge hdp600 card printer, encoding and laminating of technology-rich contact and contactless smart cards. Printing operations can run longer, with fewer interruptions for suppliesrefills.

High-capacity ribbonsand card hoppers accommodating cards are ideal for large or batch printjobs. Selected Brother Printer Types.