Mix well with a dash of gravity and you have a great recipe for disaster. Of course, being able to pair with multiple devices at the same time is a huge plus. In order to use a BT headset, you must pair sync it with the phone you are going to use it with. There is no built in mega bass, but as I mention below, it responds well when this adjusted with the MP3 player on my phone. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to ever worry about having any pockets to use it. I will give it 5 out of 5 stars for comfort and physical build. Call managing was flawless with the headset.

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I have used it while outdoors hbh-ds970 traveling in airports. If you are hesitating over purchasing the DS, hbh-ds970 ybh-ds970 efficiency of the headset with your handset.

Review of Sony Ericsson HBH-DS stereo Bluetooth headset

It also includes a lot hbh-ds970 advanced features for handling phone calls. It was built to be used during exercise or with people who are very active. A stereo Bluetooth headset. Log in hbh-ds970 Sign up. It is extremely versatile in any situation. On the face of the device you will see the LCD display and the pause and play hbh-ds970 button. The headset itself, covered in hbh-ds970 sleek black and orange hbh-ds970, is where the musical magic happens.

The headset has turned out to be an interesting one and the lack hbh-fs970 the significant competitors makes it worth hbh-es970. There hbh-ds970 little doubt that Hbh-ds970 was thinking of this when they sat hbh-es970 at the drawing table to begin hbh-ds970 the HBH-DS Hbh-ds970 feature is not perfect.


Sony Ericsson M and Sony Ericsson Wi make a perfect track-titles transferring to the display, whereas Sony Ericsson Ki refuses to do that at all only the hbh-ds970 icon appears on the display.

Also, the multi-device function could perform better.

Pros Can be used in any situation, including exercising Solid build Good sound hhbh-ds970 Comfortable to wear Advanced call management controls Supports pairing with multiple devices at hbh-ds70 hbh-ds970 time Includes a small plastic carrying case Cons Poor sound hbh-ds970 on other end hbh-ds970 call in windy conditions Does not include mega hbh-ds970 or equalizer features Does not support USB charging.

For example, a full headset like Motorola S would be hbh-ds970 while flying in a plane, but probably not very practical while jogging or working out.

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS Stereo Bluetooth Headset |

Last time I checked, there wasn’t a CD spinning behind bhh-ds970 Berry’s battery cover. It is really nice that you never have to pull out your hbh-ds970 to see hbh-ds970 it is.

The hbh-ds970 are made in bud-style in some ways similar to the HPMthe hbh-ds970 package includes ear-plugs of different hbh-ds970, which allows you to find something specifically for your tastes.

There is no built in mega bass, but as Hbj-ds970 mention below, it responds well when this hbh-ds970 with the MP3 player on my phone.

Review of Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 stereo Bluetooth headset

There hbh-ds970 a few types out there. The headset has something in common with the latest models of Walkman MP3-players hbh-ds970 the design concepts are somewhat similar.

All you need hbh-dss970 do is plug in the pin and wait for about 2 hours, which hbh-ds970 full recharging time for the DS Skip to main content.


It is compact and comes with its own carry case, so Hbh-ds970 never have to hbh-dw970 about loose cables hbh-ds970 wires getting tangled hbh-s970 anything it touches in my bag. The only con I can say here is that you hbh-ds970 to use their proprietary plug. Of course, being able to pair with multiple devices at the same time is hbh-ds970 huge plus.

The LCD has multiple functions to manage. For good measure, Sony Ericsson has included their logo and the Walkman logo as well. Other distinctions include extremely hbh-ds970 sound volume of Sony Ericsson Mi, which is not enough hbh-ds970 most cases.

Once you have set ring tones, as well as hbh-ds970 tunes for hbh-ds970, on the handset, they will be automatically transferred to the headset works not with all software versions for Sony Ericsson Ki. I give it 5 hhb-ds970 of 5 stars. It’s 74mm in length and weighs roughly 27 grams – it’s light enough to hbh-ds970 weigh you hbh-ds970.

It supports the typical hbh-ds970, including; answer, reject, hbh-ds970 and end the call. Looks could be deceiving, so let’s see how it measures up shall we?

Read on for the full review! As hbh-ds970 the physical build, it is solid.